This easy stir-fried dish turns plain white rice into flavorful grains lightly seasoned with soy sauce and tossed with colorful vegetables.

I often use leftover rice for a quick and convenient meal.

Who doesn’t like fried rice? Ok maybe my six-year-old doesn’t because of the veggies inside, but I am pretty sure he is the only one out there.


Freakin’ Fantastic Fried Rice

You’ll Need:

4 cups of cooked rice

3 tbsps of butter

1 diced onion

12 oz of frozen peas and carrots

½ cup of soy sauce

3 beaten eggs


In a large nonstick skillet, melt the butter and sauté the onion until tender.

Mix in the peas and carrots and heat until thawed and tender.

Move the vegetables to one side of the skillet and scramble the eggs on the other side.

Once scrambled, mix the eggs and vegetables together then stir in the soy sauce. Mix in the rice gradually until well combined.

Easy, peasy, and yummy!

This rice is a must-try guy! The veggies go perfectly with it.

I usually make this rice when I’m having chicken. It fits perfectly.