5 things not to miss at Eataly this month

5 things not to miss at Eataly this month

Now might not be a good time to fly to Italy, but you can enjoy the next best thing at Eataly in Dallas. Tucked away in the west side of the NorthPark Center, Eataly Dallas opened in December 2020, but the company opened its first location in Turin, Italy on January 27, 2007, with that January marking the 15th.e birthday. To commemorate the anniversary, Eataly stores around the world hold Sale-a-brate in January each year, where hundreds of products on the market are offered at prices up to 50% off. For 15 years, Eataly has encouraged its customers to “Eat. Shop. Learn. ”A visit to one of their 9 locations will allow you to do just that. If you haven’t been to Eataly yet, Sale-a-Brate is a good place to start.

From January 7 to February 6, you are invited to Sale-a-brate at Eataly Dallas to experience all that Eataly has to offer while learning from Italian food and wine experts. Handicrafts dried meat and cheeses at Regional Italian From January 7 to February 6, you are invited to Sale-a-brate at Eataly Dallas to experience all that Eataly has to offer while learning from the experts in Italian food and wine. More than 300 artisans dried meat and cheeses to over 1,200 regional Italian wines, dozens of fresh pasta shapes made by experts Beans (pasta makers), sweets from Italy and more, this is your chance to take advantage of everything Eataly has to offer while also taking advantage of sale prices on hundreds of popular products.

Since we are in Texas, Eataly Dallas decided to go big with this birthday. Every Sale-a-brate weekend you’ll find something new to savor. Enjoy workshops, tastings, chef demonstrations and free mini-courses. Plan accordingly, as you could find yourself in Eataly at least four times this month, as every weekend has a different specialty: home-made dishes, fresh pasta, artisanal pastries, and high-quality meats. They have tastings every weekend throughout the year, but this month is something else so clear your calendar and get ready to to eat.


January 7-9 and 14-16: Made in Eataly.

The artisans of Eataly put their homemade products in the spotlight during the first two weekends of Sale-a-brate. Watch Eataly chefs prepare a porchetta, prepare pasta in a Parmigiano Reggiano DOP wheel, and stretch out the soft focaccia dough.

January 21-23: Artisanal sweets.

January 21-23: Artisanal sweets. Eataly’s pastry chefs use classic Italian recipes to bake thousands of sweet pastries every day. During this weekend bargain, they take center stage and show buyers how to put together Eataly’s beloved. grandma’s tiramisu. They’ll also make cannoli and even provide homemade cake samples.


January 28-30: Pasta.

If there’s one Italian staple that everyone knows, it’s pasta. Eataly not only offers more than 100 varieties of IGP gragnano pasta, but the Beans here, hand knead, roll and create over two dozen fresh pasta shapes every day. This weekend will be an opportunity to taste a variety of pasta shapes, learn how to make your own pasta, and taste Eataly’s irresistible homemade sauces.


January 26 and 30: Sale-a-brate Eataly: Pasta Night.

If you’re ready to take your love of pasta to the next level, buy your tickets now for Sale-a-brate Eataly: Pasta Night on January 26-30. every day and the history of gragnano pasta IGP. The event starts with a pasta-making class at La Scuola di Eataly, the on-site cooking school, where you’ll learn about the history of different pasta shapes, what makes fresh and dry pasta different and how to shape your pasta. own pasta during this hands-on learning experience. After the class, you will venture to each of Eataly’s three restaurants where the chefs will be ready to serve you some of their most popular pasta dishes, with Italian food and wine pairings of course. If you taste something you like, you can take advantage of Sale-a-brate to refuel! Until February 7, Eataly is offering up to 50% off hundreds of items, including fresh pasta, house sauces, regional Italian wines and more. Tickets are available here.


February 4-6: Dry aged meat.

To wrap up Sale-a-brate, Eataly Dallas calls attention to one of its most Texan departments – the Butcher’s Counter. Eataly Dallas is unique because of its extensive dry aging program, offering a variety of cuts aged up to six months. Do not miss the specialty of Eataly aged in whiskey and the meats aged in Barolo wine. This final weekend is devoted to local, high-quality dry-aged meats in various forms. Taste carne cruda (thinly sliced ​​raw beef), learn how to make dry-aged meatballs, and try homemade Terra sausage. Then buy select cuts of Creekstone Farms dry-aged meats for up to 50% off this weekend only.

Click here to learn more about Eataly Dallas, its three restaurants and Sale-a-Brate.

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