Arizona Wilderness Brewing water saves

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Launches Lager To Save Water, More Beers You Need To Know This Week

Arizona Wilderness Brewing saves water

Amid a looming water crisis and the state’s first ever water restrictions, Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. today announced the launch of This Beer Saves Water, a lager beer designed to raise awareness of the use of water and market-based decisions brewers and other businesses can do to help keep our rivers flowing.

“I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but the water supply in the Southwest isn’t doing well,” says Jonathan Buford, co-founder of Arizona Wilderness.

Ongoing drought, increased demand and the effects of climate change have reduced the amount of water in the state’s largest reservoirs, such as Lake Mead, which provides much of the water used by Arizona residents at critical levels. In January, federal restrictions will limit Arizona’s water use for the first time. Arizona Wilderness set out to create a beer that both called attention to the water crisis and offered a possible solution: this beer saves water.

How can beer help save water, you ask? This water-saving beer is made from barley from Sinagua Malt. Based in Arizona’s Verde Valley, Sinagua works with local farmers to switch from traditional summer crops like corn and alfalfa to barley, a late winter / spring crop. This change in culture results in less water being diverted from the Verde River during times of high demand and low flow, leaving more water for people and wildlife. Since 2019, Sinagua’s efforts have helped keep more than 425 million gallons of water in the Verde River. Each Arizona Wilderness beer uses Sinagua Malt as the base; This water-saving beer is made from 100% Sinagua.

To bring the point of conserving water home, This Beer Saves Water is also made with Sabro and Zappa hops, both of which are relatively drought tolerant.

“We actually sat down and did the math: Every pint of this beer saves water – and, in fact, every Wilderness beer – helps make up for over 50 gallons of water for the waterways. Arizona, ”says Buford. “Our hope is that beer inspires people to start thinking about how they can save water and to support businesses that are proactive about sustainability. As the water crisis in the southwest worsens, it will only get bigger. “

Each can of beer has a QR code that drinkers can scan to learn more about Sinagua Malt and Arizona Wilderness water-saving efforts.

Firestone, WeldWerks, Our Mutual Friend collaborate on their specialty: IPA

Weldwerks Brewing, our mutual friend

Three breweries, varying in size and offering different specialties, have come together to brew a style of beer that has each earned independent acclaim: IPA.

For years, WeldWerks Head Brewer Skip Schwartz and our mutual friend Jan Chodkowski’s Head Brewer have been friends in the brewing industry, occasionally collaborating on beers including #Umbrellabeer, a fruity sour and Juicy Times, a mashup from OMF West Coast IPA and Juicy Bits from WeldWerks.

In 2018, Firestone Walker Brewer Brent Soutar was pouring beer at the first WeldWerks Invitational where he met Skip, then with Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales, and Jan. Friends of the brewery have kept in touch over the years in hopes of making a beer. Luckily for IPA fans, it’s now.

Knock the Froth Off is a West Coast-Style India Pale Ale collaboration that hits WeldWerks’ Greeley Party Hall and Our Mutual Friend Brewing in Denver on Friday, January 7th.

“Lately, the West Coast IPA has retreated slightly from new styles like Misty IPAs,” Soutar said. “We all brew in the western part of America and I come even further west of Australia, so we thought that was an appropriate style.”

Named after Australian slang for ‘drinking beers’, Knock the Froth Off is a 6.2% ABV ale that is one of the West Coast’s cleanest, clearest IPAs from the WeldWerks Reservoir. Brite to date. Brewed with Cascade, Chinook, Citra and Mosaic hops, this old-fashioned IPA has lots of citrus notes followed by pine and resin and a lingering bitterness that will stay on your tongue.

“West Coast IPAs are a proven style that brewers and non-brewers continue to achieve over the years,” says Chodkowski. “It was fun to come together and create a style that we all love.”

Monday Night Brewing Goes Low Calorie For 2022 Kickoff

Monday evening brewing

Achieving your health goals and enjoying a beer doesn’t have to be at odds with each other. As frequent craft beer drinkers who also want to look good naked, Monday Night Brewing created Lay Low: a 90-calorie, 3.2% ABV IPA that tastes delicious and is the perfect post-workout drink.

The name of the game? Aim high, stay low.

Lay Low is dry hopped with Citra, Idaho 7 and Sultana, creating the classic citrus notes of an IPA. “Typically, when you go to brew a craft beer that is low in calories and alcohol, it turns out to be watery and bland, which makes sense since water is also low in calories and alcohol,” explains brewmaster Peter Kiley. . “We have found the ideal balance between flavor and possibility of session. “

Since Lay Low debuted in 2020, Monday Night has practiced Aim High, Lay Low as a dry January ritual, but this year they’re teaming up with true fitness enthusiasts to bring a whole new physical component to the gym. ‘initiative. Thus, Monday Night is in partnership with On Running, West Stride, Run Social, Orange Theory and Vesta Movement for Aim High, Lay Low this year.

  • Buy a pair of On Running running shoes at the West Stride running store through February and receive a $ 10 gift card Monday night.
  • When you purchase a 6-pack wherever Monday Night is sold in the Atlanta metro area in January, you have a chance to win a pair of On Running shoes to celebrate Aim High, Lay Low. No purchase necessary.
  • Taste Lay Low as the official beer of the Run Social 2022 racing series. Run Social is renowned for its events that combine exercise and exciting community events.
  • Participants in the Orange Theory Dri-Tri Challenge at the South Buckhead and Howell Mill locations will receive a Lay Low goodie bag and a grand prize for the winners.
  • Sweat Sundays will kick off on January 9 at Monday Night’s West Midtown Bar. Every Sunday in January, Vesta Movement will be offering free kickboxing and HIIT classes at Monday Night West Midtown. Then all participants will receive a free Lay Low, which is lower in calories than your favorite sports drink and tastes much better.

Tröegs Nugget Nectar presents limited edition, cool art

Independent brewery Tröegs

Tröegs Independent Brewing announces the release of its annual cult classic, Nugget Nectar. Overly dry-hopped, this Imperial Amber celebrates the arrival of the “fresh-of-the-moment” Nugget hops on the brewery’s annual trip to Yakima, WA, for hop selection. Simcoe rings with hints of ripe mango and ice cream, and it’s balanced with enough cooked malt to add body and a touch of sweetness.

To celebrate the release of Nugget Nectar, Tröegs has relaunched its popular First Squeeze events, where fans can sample fresh Nugget Nectar on tap and take home limited edition glassware and illustrated art prints of a variety. local and regional artists. A handful of events will also feature Double Nugget Nectar in the Draft.

Look for creative versions of Nugget Nectar from these artists:

  • Joshua Noom, the designer and illustrator who helped Tröegs reinvent Troegenator and The Mad Elf
  • Tristan Bond, the Harrisburg artist who designed the art for the collaboration label Fresh Fest 2021
  • Devin Watson, the former Art of Tröegs who designed LolliHop and Hop Cyclone
  • Chris Piascik, daily designer for more than 10 years
  • Lauren West, illustrator, muralist and unconditional lover of nuggets

Braxton Brewing Seltzer Smoothie Inspired by Graeter’s Ice Cream

Braxton Brewery

In an age when many consumers travel, enjoy time with family and friends, and visit at home, Braxton’s Graeter’s Smoothie Seltzers offer a new way to indulge in nostalgia. Braxton Brewing Co. has announced the launch of a new adult drink inspired by Graeter’s Ice Cream’s classic smoothie recipe. The Spiked Smoothie marries America’s love for hard seltzer with a classic indulgence to reveal the first Smoothie Seltzers of its kind.

The one-of-a-kind drinks give consumers permission to enjoy the Midwest’s most beloved ice cream company, Graeter’s, in a new and inventive way. Meanwhile, the refreshing flavors of seltzer water are offered a new way to delight seltzer water drinkers. Sunrise Sensation and Island Blast Smoothie Seltzers are both a decadent adult treat, or holiday gift, with a velvety taste and complete decadence in every 12 oz. can.

“Consumers always want more hard carbonated drinks, and it’s a unique drinking experience that gives them just that. Graeter’s smoothie has really allowed us to take the consumer experience of seltzer water to new heights and carve out a new niche in the highly competitive seltzer category, ”said Jake Rouse, Co-Founder and CEO of Braxton Brewing Co. mouth feel so smooth and so well formulated it gives us a perfect base to work with. Drinkers can expect something akin to what you would drink in a scoop store, expertly mixed with the ingenuity they would expect from Braxton.

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