Low Calorie Density Diet Ranked # 1 For Weight Loss Diets

Low Calorie Density Diet Ranked # 1 For Weight Loss Diets

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People who are hoping to get fit and eat healthier this year may want to try Volumetrics, the # 1 weight loss diet rated for 2022 by. American News and World Report.

The plan, which emphasizes low-calorie-dense foods, was developed by Barbara Rolls, Helen A. Guthrie Chair in Nutrition at Penn State. Volumetry has appeared on the list every year for the past 12 years.

Rolls, also director of the Laboratory for the Study of Human Ingestive Behavior at Penn State, credits the plan’s scientific approach to its continued popularity and success.

“Research has shown that most people have a clear idea of ​​portion sizes at different meals, so if a diet’s message is to simply ‘eat less’ many people will end up going hungry,” said Rolls. “The good thing about Volumetrics is that you can still have a full plate, just with fewer calories. You get your usual portions and end up eating healthier. “

Volumetrics is based on Rolls’ years of research into human nutrition and eating behavior, including how people can achieve high levels of fullness – feel full – while consuming foods that help them achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Rolls says the key is to build your meals around low-calorie foods – that is, foods that don’t have a lot of calories in each bite. These include foods like fruits and vegetables, broth-based soups, and low-fat protein.

“It’s about the density of the calories in the foods you eat, so if you choose foods that are very dry or high in fat, those tend to have a lot of calories in each bite,” Rolls said. . “If you want to have a full plate and manage calories, including foods that are higher in water such as favorite vegetables and fruits is key to giving yourself satisfying portions. Herbs and spices are a great way to personalize and customize. to add flavor to meals without increasing caloric density. “

Rolls has published three books on the diet: “Volumetrics: Feel Full on Fewer Calories” (also published as “The Volumetrics Weight-Control Plan”), “The Volumetrics Eating Plan” and “The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet”.

For those looking to get started on the volumetric diet, Rolls said “The Ultimate Volumetric Diet,” which includes a 12-week plan, is a good place to start.

“The books give recipes and tips on how to modify favorite foods so they’re lower in calories but still tasty,” Rolls said. “Taking the time to cook your own food puts you in control of every dish.”

According to Rolls research, foods high in water such as soups keep people full while managing calories and promoting weight loss.

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